1 - Financial and Administrative Directorate:
• Implementation of financial and administrative matters, especially with regard to the general budget and preparation. And to learn about what is emerging in preparation for the development of working methods and procedures.
• Coordination with the Ministry of Finance, the General Budget and the Central Bank on the financial affairs of the Department and the organization of financial documents.
• The application of the official financial systems in the country.
• Organization of administrative matters relating to the General Service and staff.
• Supervise and organize supplies and warehouses and identify the needs of the Department of the Department and the National Center for Weather Forecasting and stations of the Department in the Kingdom.
Administrative Departments associated with the Directorate
A. Human Resources Section B. Accounting Department C-Department of Diwan D-Supplies Department E- Movement and Mechanics Division
2 - Directorate of equipment and maintenance:
• Supervising the preparation of studies and technical specifications for electrical appliances, radiosonde, radar and computer devices. • Establishment, installation and maintenance of meteorological stations, ground surveyors and the development of specifications for various monitoring devices. • Calibration of various meteorological devices and periodic maintenance of used equipment. Administrative Departments associated with the Directorate: a. Hardware Section b. Maintenance Department.
3 - Directorate of external stations:
• Supervise the operation of air monitoring stations throughout the Kingdom at the National Center for Weather Forecasts in Amman to ensure the arrival and utilization of meteorological information for the purposes of weather forecasts. • Administrative supervision and organization of work in external stations and secure access to the monthly reports of the Directorate of Applied Meteorology. Administrative Departments associated with the Directorate: a. Department of external stations b. Agricultural Stations Department.
4 - Directorate of Applied Meteorology:
Supervising the collection, auditing and archiving of data for all meteorological stations deployed in the Kingdom, issuing monthly reports and providing the concerned authorities with various information on climate elements. • Follow up the instructions of the World Meteorological Organization and its various bodies related to the work of the Directorate and the issuance of periodic climate bulletins and exchange with local and international bodies. • Technical inspection of the climate stations and participation in the work teams with the various ministries and departments related to water, environment, dams, etc.
5 - Directorate of the National Center:
issuing aeronautical meteorological forecasts in accordance with the instructions of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). • Issuing weather forecasts, forecasts and warnings for citizens and the various media. • Keep abreast of scientific developments in meteorological monitoring and prediction and follow up on amendments to the instructions issued by WMO and ICAO. • Implementation of technical instructions issued by WMO and its Technical Committees.
* Administrative Departments associated with the Directorate:
a . Weather Forecasts Section B. Meteorological Section C. Systems Section
6 - Department of Information Technology:
• Issuing aeronautical forecasts according to the instructions of the World Meteorological Organization • Preparing programs for the modernization and development of information systems and their uses in the development of work and supervision of the safety of devices and information security on a continuous basis. • Provide an appropriate information base to help implement planned plans. • Development of information systems and databases for the activities of the directorates working in the department in order to improve the performance of these departments and improve their productivity. • Operation of devices and auxiliary operating systems, monitoring their performance, modifying, updating and maintaining them in order to achieve the required efficiency. • Manage and maintain the database and electronic documents and follow up the updating and development of the information network in the department and ensure the security and safety of various types of data.
7 - Internal Control Section:
Ensure the validity and proper application of the applicable financial legislation. • Check expenses and ensure that they are disbursed for the purposes for which they were allocated and to check the documents submitted in support of the disbursement to verify their validity and the matching of their value. • Check payrolls, deductions, overtime and transfers for all categories of employees. • Checking supplies records, entering materials properly and removing them properly. • Review administrative decisions to ensure that they are consistent with applicable legislation. • To ensure the correctness and safety of performance methods and work procedures in all directorates in the establishment according to plans and goals set and in accordance with the laws, regulations, regulations and instructions governing the work procedures in all districts. • Supervision of the employees' time, the checking of departures, the normal and sick leave and the official holidays, and verifying their authenticity and recording them in official records. • Audit the administrative decisions pertaining to personnel affairs in all its previous and subsequent stages and their conformity with the provisions of the regulations and instructions in force in the establishment.
8 - Directorate of Studies and Research:
Identify cases and events that require research or studies in the scientific research department and analyze and assess their potential impact. • Develop the general framework for building an information and statistical base for the meteorological activity to provide a baseline for the collection of relevant studies and reports. • Translation and dissemination of scientific papers issued by the global centers. • Preparation of scientific researches and studies in various meteorological fields.