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The speed of the wind that was associated with the last air depression

The speed record of this wind did not exceed the Jordan Meteorological wind speed records The Kingdom was affected by the late hours of last Thursday 18/01/2018 with a very cold and humid air mass accompanied by a deep and rapid air depression based in northwestern Syria led to moderate to heavy rain with lightning, thunder and occasional hail showers in most parts of the Kingdom. On late Thursday and Friday early morning hours, with occasional snow fell over the northern and central mountains of the Kingdom also in the southern highlands with the morning and noon hours on Friday. The Kingdom, while affected by the low air, saw a clear and significant decrease in temperature with cloudy skies and western winds. Western financial activity with strong donations sometimes reached a speed of 100 km / h, which was monitored at the monitoring station Amman Civil Airport and reached the highest wind in the monitoring station Tafila and 130 km / h, the highest wind savings recorded in the meteorological stations of the Department of Meteorology in the Kingdom During this low. The climatic records of the Meteorological Department indicate that the highest windfall witnessed in the capital Amman in the last 95 years was on 29/01/1940 and reached a speed of 133 km / h while the highest wind savings in the Kingdom at the monitoring station Jafr and 154 km / 01/2001. The highest number of records recorded during this period was in the monitoring station of the goddess and reached 56 mm, accounting for 17% of its seasonal rate, while the monitoring station of Irbid recorded a rainfall of 51 mm, representing 11% of its seasonal rate. Reaching 45 mm, accounting for 8% of the overall seasonal average. The total rainfall in the northern regions is 223.9 mm, accounting for 46% of the total seasonal average While the Central West region achieved a total of 177.2 mm, accounting for 42% of its seasonal average, while the Central Central region achieved 44% with a total rainfall of 56.1 mm The areas of Ch 27.3 mm, 30%, Central Valley 75.7 mm, accounting for 27% of the seasonal average year and the southern valleys 17.5 mm, 17% of the overall seasonal rate, while the south-western regions accounted for 38% of the seasonal average year total rain 93.5 mm and the southern regions with a total rainfall of 21.4 mm, accounting for 43% of its annual average. M. Hussein Momani / Director General of Meteorology.

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