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The greatest event of this year is the appearance of Mars

The greatest event of the year is the appearance of Mars, the Red Planet will return after the absence of 15 years, on the night of Friday, July 27, the meeting is expected since 2003, astronomy fans are waiting for this event from all over the world and will open the observatories of universities and Arab astronomical societies in front of the activists to see the features of this planet and its South Pole, where amateur astronomers with their modest telescopes can distinguish some of the dark features on the surface, in addition to the white ice cap. The encounter between Earth and Mars is repeated every two years, but the greatest encounter is repeated every 15 and 17 years respectively, in which the distance between the two planets will be only 57 million kilometers, a suitable distance for man to send his probes and spacecraft to this planet, exactly how it happened in 2003, where the US spacecraft Pathfinder arrived on the surface of Mars after seven months of flying, on July 4, 2004, to be the vehicle Sujorner the first vehicle to drive over the red planet in the history of mankind

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