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Total solar eclipse in the United States 21 August 2017

The first total eclipse begins in the Pacific Ocean and ends in the Atlantic Ocean 100 years ago. The total eclipse of the sun crosses America from west to east on Monday (August 21st). NASA spends $ 7.7 million on observing the eclipse from the ISS, Eleven artificial satellites swim in close orbits of the planet Earth, through three equipped aircrafts and video cameras installed on 70 meteorological stations on the various heights on Earth, with the help of 200 trainees to monitor and follow up this eclipse in the United States, to get a large amount of Scientific information through the observation of the phenomenon of Alex P total. It should be noted that this phenomenon can not be observed or observed in the Arab world, including Jordan. The total eclipse of the sun is known as an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the earth, the moon and the sun are almost straight, and the moon is in the middle between the earth and the sun and at the time of the birth of the new moon in the early phase of the lunar month, the moon casts its shadow on the ground. To watch the eclipse we will see the moon disk. To view a video about the situation through our Facebook page on the following link:

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