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Amazing facts about magnetic stars

Magnetic stars are supernatural magnetic neutron stars and are characterized by a super-powerful magnetic field and are described by scientists as stars playing hide-and-seek with astronomers. Where it was known to explode without warning, some of them for hours and others for several months before they dim and darken and disappear again! Monitoring explosions from these celestial bodies is a difficult task, where the difficulty lies in timing. How can researchers monitor what has never been seen? So it left NASA to develop a whole piece of equipment to deal with the problem and made the task of making and developing a Russian probe for X-ray time. Which began in December 1995 from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, was designed to monitor the rapid movement of neutron stars, pulsars, x-rays and bursts and X-rays that shine in the sky and disappear. As some pulsars spin more than a thousand times per second and neutron star generates a strong attraction so that make the impact of the collision of the candy Marshalmu surface of the star, for example parallel to the impact of the impact of the collision of a thousand hydrogen bomb Using the RXTE probe, astronomers can study how gravity works near black holes and observe changes in X-ray brightness, which can last for milliseconds or several years. The probe can also monitor the wavelengths of explosions that can not be seen in visible light. The diminishing magnetic field of magnetic stars generates emissions from high-energy electromagnetic radiation, especially X-rays and gamma rays. The theory of the existence of magnetic stars was proposed by Robert Duncan and Christopher Thompson in 1992, but the first gamma-ray burst was recorded and was believed to be a magnetic star that was detected on March 5, 1979. During the decade following this discovery, the hypothesis of the magnetic star became widely accepted as the possible interpretation of soft gamma rays and abnormal X-ray pulses.

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