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A massive asteroid passes by Earth on Wednesday (April 19th)

The asteroid was discovered about three years ago and will reach its nearest Earth orbit on Wednesday 19 April 2017 to pass Close to it, specifically about 1.1 million miles (1.8 million kilometers), about four and a half times the distance between Earth And the moon. Although there is no chance that this asteroid will collide with our planet, this passage is very close to an asteroid of this magnitude. The asteroid was discovered in May 2014 by astronomers at the Space Observatory of Catalina near Tucson The Arizona project is part of NASA's NEO monitoring program and indicates recent measurements conducted by NASA's mission That the size of the asteroid about 2,000 feet, and that the surface of reflective equivalent to twice the surface of the moon, and until this moment was known only Only a few physical properties of this body are well known, as 2014 JO25 will pass through Earth The sun will be visible in the sky at night after the 19th of April. The passage of this asteroid on April 19 will provide an extraordinary opportunity to study it, and astronomers plan to observe it Around the world to learn everything that can be learned about it, as well as planned to be detected through the radar of the solar system of the solar system NASA in California and the Kashubian Arsibo Telescope of the American National Science Foundation in Puerto Rico, and it is possible to reveal The images that will be obtained from the details of the surface is accurate in the size of simple meters. NASA considered that the passage of the 2014 asteroid JO25 2014 on April 19 is the closest to the Earth's side for about 400 years It will be the closest for about 500 years to come.

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